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            • Miss the house that can breathe
            • Data source: Data of the author:  Click Rate:3882 Releasetime:2018-10-31
            • The highest enjoyment of wood - plastic than wood - plastic villa.Wood-plastic villas may not be a new concept, but they have been widely used in every city in Japan for a long time.Skyscrapers are few and far between, replaced by soft, fragrant, human wooden houses in Japan.

              ? wood plastic house, are you talking nonsense?That's right. Just take it for granted.After all, the ideal of the domestic wood-plastic villa is still in the popular stage, the high-end enjoyment of the wood-plastic villa and no one is familiar with.Maybe you're worried about cabin resistance.Always think that reinforced concrete components of the house is the most stable and safe?In fact, wood plastic resistance can be achieved by changing the raw materials of wood and plastic material ratio.Good wooden houses often last a hundred years.Of course, the pursuit of high-rise or the choice of reinforced concrete, but when it comes to home comfort, not the wooden house.

              First, it holds heat 400 times better than steel and 16 times better than concrete.The effect of heat and sound insulation is also very outstanding.Then, it is said that a six-hour break in a wooden house is equivalent to an eight-hour break in a 'cement house', where the fentanyl and negative ions contribute to deep sleep.In such a house, in the embrace of nature, bathed in the sun, breathing the most intimate natural air, what a wonderful experience?

              It may still be some way off, but we've seen the potential.As a transitional phase of the wood and plastic can be very good for the pure cabin open road.How much I want to spend a quiet and beautiful night in a pure wooden house...

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