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            • Characteristics and advantages of wood - plastic materials
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            • WPC is based on high density polyethylene (hdpe) and wood fiber, which determines its own characteristics of plastic and wood.

              (1) good processing performance

              Wood-plastic composite material contains plastic and fiber, therefore, with similar processing properties with wood, sawing, nailing, planing, using wood tools can be completed, and nail holding force is significantly better than other synthetic materials.Mechanical properties are superior to wood materials.The nail-holding force is generally three times that of wood and five times that of particle board.

              (2) good strength performance

              Wood-plastic composites contain plastics and thus have a good modulus of elasticity.In addition, because contain fiber and classics and plastic are mixed adequately, have as a result with hardwood quite compressive, fight the physical mechanical property such as bending, and its durable sex is better than average woodiness material apparently.Surface hardness is high, it is lumber commonly 2 -- 5 times.

              (3) water and corrosion resistance, long service life

              Compared with wood, wood-plastic materials and their products are resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, and do not breed bacteria. They are not easy to be eaten by insects and fungi.Long service life up to more than 50 years.

              (4) excellent adjustable performance

              Through additives, plastics can be polymerized, foamed, cured, modified and other changes, so as to change the density, strength and other characteristics of wood plastic materials, but also to achieve anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements.

              (5) uv light stability, good coloring.

              (6) its biggest advantage is to turn waste into treasure, and can be recycled 100% reproduction.Can decompose, won't cause "white pollution", it is real green environmental protection product.

              (7) a wide range of raw materials

              The plastic materials used to produce WPC are mainly high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, and the wood fiber can be wood powder, rice bran or wood fiber. In addition, a small amount of additives and other processing AIDS are needed.

              (8) can be made into any shape and size as required.

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